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Let us put our 20+ years of technology experience to use for your team. We work with several school districts and businesses and would like to share what is working well for them. We would greatly enjoy any opportunity to work with you and your staff to move forward on your next project or just to discuss what is available. 

    Remote Support
    Daily performance can be affected by downtime, slow running PCs and out-of-date software. How do you ensure yours is running smoothly while concentrating on doing your day job? With Managed Workstations, everything is taken care of 24/7.  Our service consists of three separate elements which you can build up to give yourself complete peace of mind and enhanced performance.

    We'll Check
    • Your backup is complete to make sure your data is safe
    • Your antivirus pattern file to make sure your protection is always up-to-date
    • Your disk space to ensure your system won't crash and your workers aren't left unproductive while you recover
    • Your relevant patches are up-to-date and applied for the products of all of the key software vendors 
    • Your hard disk and memory health to ensure your system is always in peak operating condition
    • Your Critical Event Logs to spot other developing problems that could cause downtime during the day.

      On-Site Service
      We enjoy being the second level of support for a team behind the scenes as well as on-site as needed. We will work to customize a schedule that works for you or come out on an as needed basis. Our technicians can repair many items at your location, but will be happy to repair your items in our shop and return them in a timely manner.
      Network and PC Support

      Economic Services for Schools and Businesses
      • Caring computer support
      • Only buy the time needed
      • On-site maintenance
      • Server, pc, and networking support
      • Routine backups of critical business items

        Sales and Installation
        Network slowdowns can be resolved with the proper components and the proper configuration. We work with businesses that require 3 or 4 robust machines and school districts that support thousands of devices. Let us work with you to move toward a network infrastructure that will continue to support the needs of your business or school district.
        Infrastructure and Wifi

        Efficient and Economic Networking
        • Switches
        • Servers
        • Data Cabling
        • Wireless solutions
        • Security cameras

          24/7 PC health check identifies issues early on and keeps your systems running

          Automatic patching and updating improves PC performance and helps you to work smarter

          Combines monitoring and maintenance with helpdesk support which reduces downtime

            This service is performed automatically – so it's guaranteed to happen even if staff are sick or on holiday.  If we find problems, we'll immediately alert a technician so we can act fast to cut potential downtime.  We'll even send you a short note every week to confirm the checks carried out and their results.