Daily performance can be affected by downtime, slow running PCs and out-of-date software. How do you ensure yours is running smoothly while concentrating on doing your day job? With Managed Workstations, everything is taken care of 24/7.  Our service consists of three separate elements which you can build up to give yourself complete peace of mind and enhanced performance.

MONITORING  -  24/7 PC health check identifies issues early on and keeps your systems running

MAINTENANCE  - Automatic patching and updating improves PC performance and helps you to work smarter

SUPPORT  - Combines monitoring and maintenance with helpdesk support which reduces downtime


Daily Monitoring

We'll check:

    • Your backup is complete to make sure your data is safe
    • Your antivirus pattern file to make sure your protection is always up-to-date
    • Your disk space to ensure your system won't crash and your workers aren't left unproductive while you recover
    • Your relevant patches are up-to-date and applied for the products of all of the key software vendors 
    • Your hard disk and memory health to ensure your system is always in peak operating condition
    • Your Critical Event Logs to spot other developing problems that could cause downtime during the day.



This service is performed automatically – so it's guaranteed to happen even if staff are sick or on holiday.  If we find problems, we'll immediately alert a technician so we can act fast to cut potential downtime.  We'll even send you a short note every week to confirm the checks carried out and their results.

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